How to take smart notes and effective reminders with ClickUp

If even Einstein said "never memorize something you can look up", who we are to think that we will manage to keep everything in our heads?

With the huge volume of information that we are exposed to, we keep having ideas, making lists, and taking note of various things in several places we think we'll use it one day, but if we add them in several places, it's very difficult to use this information later, or we end up relying too much on our memory and lose fantastic opportunities when we can't find the information again.

So it's key to learn how to take notes effectively so that all the information captured throughout your day is always at hand for when you need to use them!

So regardless of what your favorite mode to capture information is, there are huge advantages in processing this information effectively, so they are in an easily accessible place digitally with the help of reminders and notes from systems like ClickUp!

For example, have you ever been through a situation like this: you're talking to someone and they recommended a book, a movie, a new system that can help in your daily life. You then write it down on the piece of paper or send yourself a message that you then... never remember where you kept so you end up not taking any action!

That's why regardless of how you capture this information at first, you have to know how to process that information to use it later - otherwise, why did you take note of it in the first place?

So for that, we suggest you start dividing these notes between active and passive.

Passive notes are those that have a low priority that can actually be in your backlog, whereas the active ones have to be processed so they can lead to action!

So if you don't see a relevant goal to that information, or if you think that when the topic comes back it will be easy information for you to find on the internet again, then you really shouldn't worry about writing it down,

You'll write it down only when you want to remember it, and it won't be easy to find the information again. The purpose of taking any note is to put actions behind them, so even if you don't want to use that note imminently, you will keep it in the catalog file and save it in a place you can easily get to later.

Remember that getting too much information on everything isn't good for anything!

So you have to really focus on capturing information that you're going to process and use. The three key steps when it comes to note-taking are 1- Capture, 2- Process, and 3- Use it!

And the greatest thing is that you can do all of this using ClickUp, and its amazing mobile app is a great tool to help you capture that information wherever you are, centralizing it so it's easy to process and use, with a clear, successful structure to work with your reminders and tasks.

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Carina Martins Nakama, Founder and Lead Instructor at Benessere, is a ClickUp Vetted Consultant and focuses on productivity, process optimization, and workflow using ClickUp, our favorite tool to bring greater efficiency and clarity to businesses.

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