Why switch from pen and paper to digital task management systems - like ClickUp!

Still wondering how to begin the move from paper and pen for to-do lists, for a task management system that helps you optimize time and feel more in control?

Looking for ways to reduce the feeling of stress and overwhelm from having so much to do, while being constantly afraid you are forgetting an important deadline, but never used management system before so have no idea where to go?

Or perhaps you've already been experimenting and testing some solutions, but you're still not totally happy with what you have at the moment?

Well, the greatest thing about centralizing all information in one place digitally - with systems like ClickUp! - is having greater peace of mind and control without that stress of having to keep updating notes, going over handwritten pieces of paper, and checking different places to have an overview of everything you have to do in your personal life, professional life, or both!

And, just like in the "pen and paper world", it all starts with lists!

Generally, we don't put everything we have to do in one central list - in fact, when you have several tasks that you have to coordinate with different people - your personal life, your children's school, projects with customers.... - if you put everything under a list only, that is not functional.

So what do you do? You start boxing up information on different pages from your diary, or you start to separate these subjects even in physically distinct places - so maybe you put your family subjects in an agenda, things from work on a post-it, some things go to your Outlook calendar and others you put on an excel spreadsheet with some tasks.

So you start compartmentalizing information in different "lists" to share with different people!

And my life, before moving to digital task management and productivity systems, was also like that. So I had a calendar on the fridge where I had all school dates, then a board in the office with important payment dates, I would email me all the time to remind me of things, set alarms on my cell phone, download apps that promised to solve my life and I even thought about adopting a bullet journal, thinking that this would suddenly solve my organizational challenge, becoming clearer about everything I had to do.

And the problem was that, although individually these solutions make some sense and may works "ok" - when you're communicating with people at work using that Excel, or with your family with a calendar on the fridge - it's very, very difficult to have an overview of everything you have to do, to really be able to prioritize things properly, plan your time and have the assurance that you are not forgetting anything.

So task management systems can really transform this organization by centralizing everything in one place, giving you clarity of what you need to do in your day-to-day.

And the way to start is... starting! Choose one or two areas that are giving you the most headache, put them into ClickUp (you can start from its FREE license right now!), and little by little, put new lists up, knowing that the end goal is to have one single place for you to manage all your to-do lists, giving you greater peace of mind and truly boosting your productivity.

Check out this ClickUp Tutorial:


Carina Martins Nakama, Founder and Lead Instructor at Benessere, is a ClickUp Vetted Consultant and focuses on productivity, process optimization, and workflow using ClickUp, our favourite tool to bring greater efficiency and clarity to businesses.

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